Limited Warranty

This Limited Warranty applies to the following products: the Steam® Controller and the Steam® Link (the "Product" or "Products"). This Limited Warranty is provided by Valve Corporation ("Valve" or "we").

This Limited Warranty is valid for Products purchased and used in the Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand only ("Territory"), and is subject to the following terms and conditions.

For Products purchased through the internet, the Products will be deemed for all purposes to have been purchased in the territory of which the original purchaser ("Purchaser") is a resident. This Limited Warranty is transferrable to natural persons who receive the Product as a gift from the Purchaser; transfer pursuant to this sentence shall not otherwise expand these terms and conditions and the recipient of the Product shall be bound by any acts or omissions that affect the applicability of this Limited Warranty during the period the Product is within the possession, custody, or control of Purchaser (e.g., misuse).

Product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for a period of one (1) year starting from the original date of purchase (the "Limited Warranty Period") by the original purchaser ("Purchaser").

During the Limited Warranty Period, if the Product does not work properly due to a defect in materials or workmanship, and provided you follow the return instructions set forth below for obtaining warranty service, Valve will, at Valve's sole and complete option, either: (i) replace the Product with a new or refurbished product with equal or greater features and functions as the Product, or (ii) refund the purchase price.

This Limited Warranty applies, to the extent permitted by law, to any replacement Product for the remainder of the original Limited Warranty Period or for ninety (90) days, whichever period is longer. All replaced parts, and all Products for which a refund is given, shall become the property of Valve. This Limited Warranty applies only to hardware components of the Product that are not subject to accident, misuse, neglect, fire or other external causes of failure, alterations, prior repair by any person or entity other than as authorized by Valve, or commercial use.

Return Instructions.

For detailed instructions about how to obtain warranty service for your Product, visit or ("Support Pages").

You must notify Valve of the warranty claim via the Support Pages during the Limited Warranty Period and prior to shipping or transporting the Product to Valve, provide (upon request) a dated sales receipt for the Product, and satisfy all other terms and restrictions set forth in this Limited Warranty. In territory, you must return the product to your retail place of purchase.

Products must be transported or shipped to a Valve-designated service center in either the original packaging or in equally protective packaging. Provided the Product requires repair or replacement and such repair or replacement is covered by the Limited Warranty, Valve will be responsible for the costs of shipping repaired or replacement Products back to you. If the Product does not require repair or replacement, you will be responsible for the costs of shipping the Product back to you. If the Product does require repair or replacement, but the Limited Warranty does not apply (e.g., due to misuse), Valve will contact you regarding replacement options and associated costs and payment options, including the costs of shipping the Product back to you. Valve will not return Products that are shipped to Valve without pre-authorization or any part or Product that is replaced pursuant to this Limited Warranty.

If you reject, refuse or otherwise do not accept Valve's repair or replacement offer, this Limited Warranty shall be void and of no further force or effect.


This Limited Warranty is void if:

  1. Product has been modified or repaired in a manner not previously authorized by Valve in writing;
  2. Product's serial number has been removed, altered, replaced, defaced or rendered illegible;
  3. Product is abused, misused, improperly maintained, mishandled, or neglected;
  4. Product is damaged by exposure to an accident, natural disaster or any other events or circumstances outside Valve's control;
  5. Product is used in any manner inconsistent with the acceptable practices identified in the Product's manual;
  6. Product is cleaned in any manner other than as specified in the Product's manual;
  7. Product is returned for repair or replacement in packaging that does not meet the specifications identified, above, in the return instructions, or is otherwise mishandled by Purchaser or the common carrier prior to its return;
  8. Product is used for commercial purposes; and/or
  9. Product is sold "AS IS" or in "REFURBISHED" condition.

This Limited Warranty does not apply to any Products purchased outside the territory stated above.
This Limited Warranty does not apply to normal usage or ordinary wear and tear, including, without limitation, scratches or marks on the Product's exterior.

Applicable Law.


Manufacturers’ warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors such as use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.