How to Purchase on Steam using e-Club Steam Voucher

Follow these steps to make Steam purchases using EClub Steam Voucher EP codes.

Step 1: Login Steam & Add Product to Cart

Login your Steam Account & 'Add to Cart' the products you wish to purchase.
Once ready, click on the shopping cart icon to view your shopping cart.
Click on 'Purchase for myself' or 'Purchase as a gift' to proceed.

Step 2: Review + Purchase & Change Payment Method

Once you have made the above selection, you will be directed to 'Review + Purchase'.
Here, you will need to change 'Payment method'. By default, it is using 'My Steam Wallet'.
Click on 'Change' to go to the next step.

Step 3: Payment Method EClub Points

Select eClub Points from the dropdown menu and click 'Continue' to proceed.

Step 4: Steam Subscriber Agreement

You need to read & agree with the Steam Subscriber Agreement.
Once ready, click the checkbox and click 'Continue to eClub Store'

Step 5: Login eClubstore Account

You will be directed to a popup page for you to login your Eclubstore account.

Step 6: Re-input Password for Confirmation

Once you've entered your account, you will be prompted with the payment confirmation page.
Key in your password again to proceed with payment.

Step 7: Success!

The final step is just to approve payment and click 'PAY NOW'.
Success! You have just made your purchase and you can view it on Steam.

Step 8: Insufficient eClub Points

If you have insufficient eClub Points to proceed, you can click on the 'Verify eClub Points/Steam Voucher'.

Step 9: Verify Code & Pay Now

You will open a form where you can input EClub Steam Voucher Serial Code to verify and top-up your account.
Once you entered your valid code and click verify, your account will be topped up automatically.
You can then click on 'PAY NOW' to proceed with the purchase.
Success! You have just made your purchase and you can view it on Steam.