Secure Online Payments & 3D Secure Feature

We have taken measures to ensure that your personal and credit card details are kept safe at all times and we are strongly committed to protecting your privacy and providing a safe and secure online experience.
Pages that require your personal information or payment details to be entered are secure, using High Grade 256 bit encryption.
There will be a padlock icon in your browser which verifies the authenticity and validity of our website security.
If you are unsure, double check the padlock icon is visible in your browser window.
3dsecure.png   This website is 3D Secure Enabled, which means we participate in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode programs, for your protection. Is your Visa or MasterCard registered? If not, please contact your bank and ask them to register your card. It's quick and easy, and will protect you against card fraud.
If you experience any problems while trying to make payment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

3D Secure is a security protocol implemented globally by Visa and MasterCard to combat credit card fraud and improve the security of online transactions. A common form of credit card fraud occurs in restaurants and shops, where waiters or cashiers swipe your card in a card reader to capture the details, or take the card away and quickly write down the card details. They sometimes get paid to do this by crime syndicates, who then use your card details to make fraudulent purchases online.
Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode will prevent the criminal from being able to use your card, even if the card has been swiped or stolen. It protects the merchant from charge backs relating to authentication disputes and provides the cardholder greater reassurance and security at every participating on-line store. This is done by adding an extra level of authentication during the transaction, which requires you to provide a password, phrase or pin number chosen by you, to prove that you are the cardholder.

Transaction flow if your card is enrolled:

  • You, the cardholder, complete the transaction details on our payment page.
  • You click NEXT and the browser takes you to a secure payment page on VCS, our online payment provider.
  • VCS captures the card details and checks if the cardholder is enrolled for cardholder authentication.
  • If the cardholder has been enrolled then VCS diverts the cardholder’s browser to the bank that issued the card.
  • The issuing bank will request a password or phrase or PIN from their cardholder that will conclusively prove that this actually is the real cardholder.
  • Once the issuing bank is satisfied that this is their cardholder they issue an authentication receipt.
  • VCS then proceeds with the authorisation request.
  • If the cardholder was unable to authenticate himself properly then VCS won’t proceed with the authorisation process.

How to register your card:

You need to contact your issuing bank and tell them you want to register your card for Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. Most banks have a dedicated number to handle these enquiries.
The process takes a few minutes, and after that you can make the payment on our website.

What if I can't remember the pin or password?

You can contact your bank and ask them for assistance, or you can contact us and ask us to process the payment on your behalf. We will need a signed credit card authorization form from you in order to do this.

Can I still make a payment on your website if my card is not enrolled?

No, you can't. Enrollment in these programs is compulsory. Please make sure your credit card is enrolled.

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