How to Verify/Redeem e-Club Steam Voucher

Follow these steps to redeem EClub Steam Voucher EP code to your eClubStore account

Step 1: Login eClubstore Account

Login your eClubstore account and click on Redeem button located at the front page of eClubstore.

Step 2: Input EClub Point Code

A pop up window will show up. Enter your EClub Point Code in the text field and click Verify Code.

Step 3: Verify Code to Redeem

A message in green will show that your verification is successful. You can choose to redeem the Steam Digital code base on your EP balance. Click "Redeem Now" to redeem.

Step 4: Success!

Your Steam Digital code will deliver to you in brown text. Copy this code and redeem it in your Steam account. Follow this guide to reload your Steam Wallet